Introducing all-in-one bioprinting solution INVIVO:

What Do You Imagine Bringing to Life?


The number one question we get from researchers new to or experienced in bioprinting is "What is possible with INVIVO?" As much as we work upon the motto of Open Innovation, we've spent a great deal of time putting together knowledge from our current INVIVO users to give you a glimpse into the limitless possibilities. Imagination is yours; support is ours.

Daredevil material engineers: "I imagine printing with diverse materials for novel ink development"


INVIVO offers one of the highest ranges of temperature control and pressure control available in the desktop bioprinter market today.

Take advantage of the syringe dispenser, hot-melting pneumatic dispenser, and filament extruder to print a range of hydrogels, polyesters, and other thermoplastics. Many FDA-approved medical grade materials are possible with INVIVO!

Life-focused cell biologists: "I imagine printing with high cell viability with various cell types of my interest"

Cells printed with INVIVO exhibit high cell viability and proper morphology, thanks to its first-in-the-world built-in clean-bench system, proven 99% disinfection of common laboratory infectious agents, plus its syringe dispensing technology specialized for cell suspensions. Cells tested by our users include common laboratory lines, including fibroblasts, MSC, ADSC, and HeLa cells.

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