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ROKIT (Republic Of Korea Information Technologies) is a 3D printing innovator and biotechnology company from South Korea. It began in 2012 as a manufacturer of personal and industrial 3D printers of desktop size. Building upon the accumulated know-hows in desktop 3D printing technology, ROKIT brought to life the world's first desktop bio 3D printer with a built-in cleanbench topped with HEPA H14 filter and UV sterilization lamps, capable of printing various materials and tissue types. Along the megatrends of universal to customized therapy, organ transplantation to organ regeneration, and animal testing to bioprinting, ROKIT believes in accelerating the translation of the bioprinting technology from the bench to the clinic. We are always seeking researchers and physicians around the world to help push the boundaries of the regeneration technology and share 3D bioprinting medical operation platforms for better health and quality of life worldwide. Join us in the creative and life-saving strife. Designed by nature. Made by INVIVO.

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