(New Generation model) 

Basic Additive Manufacturing system

Entry-level DED(Direct Energy Deposition) AM  machine

3-Axis system & DMT® Technology

High quality fiber laser system

Specialized for Research purposes

For material research & prototyping

New alloys development is available

6 powder feeder with precision feeding rate control

Remarkable User Experience

Multi-materials Slicer software Program

Intuitive touch screen control

Low cost and easy-to-use system


CVM Powder System

Next step of powder feeding system


CVM Hexa-Powder Feeding system

CVM (Clogged Vibration Method) powder feeder is new type of powder feeding system. It has impressively stable powder feed rate, perfect life time and broad feeding rate range, from 0.05 g/min to 5.0 g/min for single CVM Feeder block based on titanium. Applicable for gravity powder supply method and direct powder supply method with gas.

Ti Powder Feeding Test for 12hours


2nd Generation AM Module

Creative Additive manufacturing Machine in DMT® Technology


2nd Generation AM Module

Enable DMT® mode with vision system

Available for Shielding gas during deposition

Optimized design for 400um beam diameter

Active Powder Splitter

Co-Axial type Powder Splitter

Enable Uniform powder distribution in small amount

Powder Feeding without calibration, mechanical adjustment

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