• Highly functional component production, re-modeling, repairing and special coatings.

  • Excellent mechanical properties.

  • Available using commercial metal powders.

  • Enables to manufacture of complex shapes structure.


1. Başlık

DMT® Technology

The most precise DED technology

DMT® is Direct Metal Tooling that it is developed by InssTek’s own technical skills and it is classified as directed energy deposition technology by ASTM standard. The technology enables to produce complex-shaped metal products by using high power laser beam from 3D CAD data in a short time. it is applied to various industries such as electronics, automotive, medical, process, aerospace and defense.

*Other Alloys can be applicable by experimental internal process

Multi Optic

Cartridge type optic system

Simultaneous 5-Axis AM-CAM

Perfect solution for Simultaneous 5-Axis AM-CAM

Simultaneous 5-Axis AM-CAM is one of the most important part of DED Additive manufacturing.

It makes us overcome the limitation of DED technology. It enables the application of complex shapes that could not be manufactured by DED technology. Combine of INSSTEK’s years of Know-How and new software technology make this possible. 

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